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Your Doctor Does CrossFit: Dr. Rodrigo Jasbick + Dr. Bruno Cardoso PH239

December 21, 2021

Dr. Rodrigo Jasbick is a clinical cardiologist and the chief medical officer in the intensive care unit at the Hospital Clínica do Esporte in Goiânia, Brazil.  Dr. Bruno Cardoso is a doctor of sports medicine and regular member of the CrossFit Games Medical Team. The two have teamed up to help educate their colleagues on the power of the CrossFit methodology and to promote what they know from first-hand experience is a potentially life-changing lifestyle intervention.

In this episode, they share how CrossFit has transformed the way they practice medicine and how they’re sharing the health benefits of high intensity exercise with other physicians and with their entire community. 

You can connect with Rodrigo (@seu_medico_faz_crossfit) and Bruno (@brunocardosodr) via Instagram.

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To learn more about CrossFit Health and how to get involved as a healthcare provider or patient visit health.crossfit.com.

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