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CrossFit and Injuries PH214

September 21, 2021

Healthcare practitioners speak on what drew them to CrossFit when their colleagues might have said it was dangerous, how the risk of injury in CrossFit compares to other sports, the risk vs. benefits of exercise, the most effective recovery modalities, how we can change the perception of CrossFit in the medical community, and more.

You can connect with the featured panelists via Instagram:

Sean Rockett, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon @321gomd
Kelly Starrett, DPT, The Ready State Co-Founder @thereadystate
Amy West, MD, Sports Medicine Physiatrist @amywestmd
Jason Garrett, DC, Airrosti Chief Medical Officer @airrosti

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Disclaimer: This podcast is for general information only, and does not provide medical advice. We recommend that you seek assistance from your personal physician for any health conditions or concerns.

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