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CrossFit + Cancer PH225

November 2, 2021

Healthcare practitioners, cancer advocates and a cancer survivor discuss the applications of CrossFit for individuals diagnosed with cancer.  They share their personal connection to cancer, the impact of exercise on cancer prevention and treatment, and ideas on how we can build a bridge between fitness providers and healthcare to better support cancer survivors.  The panel was part of a series of conversations hosted by CrossFit Health at the 2021 CrossFit Games.


You can connect with the featured panelists via Instagram:

Julie Foucher, MD - Family Physician @juliefoucher

Fran Whitfeld -  Trainer with Stage IV Breast Cancer @franwhitfield

Allison Betof Warner, MD - Exercise Oncologist @jockmeetsnerd

Zionna Hanson - Barbells for Boobs Founder @zionna

Scott Britton - Battle Cancer Founder @battle.cancer

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Disclaimer: This podcast is for general information only, and does not provide medical advice. We recommend that you seek assistance from your personal physician for any health conditions or concerns

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