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CrossFit Health Tip - What is HRV with Mike Mallin, MD PH224

October 28, 2021

Wearable devices can measure the variability between the beats of your heart and can indicate how relaxed you are-- "an objective measure of how chill you are," says Mike Mallin, MD. The more variability the better.  

Dr. Mallin and I discuss our top 5 tips to increase heart rate variability.

  1. Sleep- a regular bedtime & at least an 8-hour sleep opportunity every night
  2. Exercise- a consistent amount over time, and be sure to allow time for adequate recovery
  3. Avoid alcohol- more than one drink can cause HRV to plummet
  4. Meditation & mindfulness
  5. Breathwork- give this nasal breathing technique a try: a quick, 3-4 second inhale, followed by a slow 8-second exhale

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