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Healing the Brain with Functional Fitness: Jenna Muri-Rosenthal PH212

September 6, 2021

Jenna Muri-Rosenthal is a speech-language pathologist, certified brain​ injury specialist, and a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer.  As the founder of Fit to Function Recovery, she has blended these areas of expertise into a program that combines functional fitness with cognitive rehabilitation.  


Jenna works with survivors of brain injury and strokes, both one-on-one and in a community environment to help them progress their recovery beyond what is typically considered “good enough” in a traditional rehabilitation setting.


In this episode, we talk about the benefits of CrossFit for those recovering from cognitive impairments, how the training community can better serve this population, and resources for those looking for help for themselves or a loved one.


You can connect with Jenna via Instagram @fittofunctionrecovery or via email fittofunctionrecovery@gmail.com.

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