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Revolutionizing Healthcare: CrossFit Precision Care PH217

October 5, 2021

CrossFit CEO Eric Roza and Wild Health co-founder and CEO Matt Dawson, MD join me to discuss the evolution of CrossFit Health and the inception of CrossFit Precision Care, a personalized medicine practice.  We discuss why CrossFit is uniquely positioned to revolutionize healthcare, the importance of primary care visits, even for healthy individuals, what it will be like to experience CrossFit Precision Care as a patient, and how other practitioners can get involved.

To learn more visit care.crossfit.com.

You can connect with Eric Roza via Instagram @rozaeric and Dr. Matt Dawson via Instagram @wildhealthmd.

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Disclaimer: This podcast is for general information only, and does not provide medical advice. We recommend that you seek assistance from your personal physician for any health conditions or concerns

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